Ventanas A Medida Vigo

The agreement shall provide for a set of technical and operational guidelines, compliance with which can be verified by an environmental management system based on the guidelines of good environmental practices approved by the State Ports, whose scope encompasses the entire traffic handled.
That percentage may not exceed the percentage represented by the total annual activity of each port service performed by the licensee of self-provision or service integration in the geographical area and, where appropriate, in the type of and merchandise traffic, affected by the particular requirements of service apply.

Workforce integration as State Ports, with recognition of seniority for them for the purposes of the collection of taxes additional remuneration, being in their bodies of origin in the voluntary leave of absence under regulatory legislation public function.
In the event that an applicant for a license previously autoprestación not form part of the SAGEP or, where applicable, the corresponding APIE or SEED, such a request must first offer the hiring in common regime workers needed for the development of the activities and tasks of the service through registered or innominate workers of that company offers.

1. The Port Authority must approve the tender documents requirements Specific port services, heard the Committee on Port Services, and after hearing the most representative and representative trade unions of the service and associations of operators and users most representative whose goals saved directly related to the purpose of the specification.
3. Approval or modification of an Infrastructure Plan will determine the substantial modification of the Delimitation of spaces and Vigo Alpeba aluminios port uses in order to incorporate within it, where appropriate, land or water spaces needed for implementation or development.

G) The management and control of maritime traffic in the waters situated in areas where Spain exercises sovereignty, sovereign rights or jurisdiction, without prejudice to the powers attributed to other authorities, and specifically those under the Ministry Defense for safeguarding national sovereignty.
Also, under the terms provided in this Act, may include in its scope spaces for complementary uses of essential activity, uses related to the port-city interaction, and, also, other not strictly port-commercial use, provided that is not globally prejudice the development of port traffic operations.

3. When an organ of the Central Government or any agency or related entity or dependent of the same required the use of public port, request the corresponding Port Authority property in the public domain required, who will authorize such use whenever compatible with normal operation of the port and for as long as necessary, must sign the corresponding agreement in which the conditions thereof shall be established, including the fees, if any, arise and the costs must assume that.
G) To authorize the participation of Port Authorities in commercial companies and the acquisition or disposal of their shares when not attend the assumptions set out in Article 26.1.p), provided that these operations do not involve the acquisition or loss majority position, in which case authorization for the Council of Ministers.

The annual total tax liability in the case referred to in point f) of the preceding article shall not exceed 8 percent of the annual net amount of the turnover or, failing that, the volume of business developed in the port under the authorization or license.

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