The Best EDC Knives Of 2020

Urban or better known as EDC knives are popular tools for everyday carry. It is this locking blade feature that differentiates the lock-blade knife from either the peasant knife or the slipjoint spring-back knife, although locking knives tend to be larger than either of those types as well, due to the difficulty of putting a lock into a smaller knife frame, the greater chance of doing more forceful kinds of work with a larger knife, and the cost of a locking mechanism is a smaller percentage of the total cost than it would be on a smaller knife, which are generally expected to be considerably cheaper, although this varies a great deal depending on maker and market.
The entire knife blade is designed to perform pulling sweeping type cuts as it is mostly belly. Made with CPM-S30V steel, the blade is sturdy and can retain its edge longer than most EDC and Best Edc Knife regular knives. The Kobold features an intelligently-designed 1.75 drop-point blade that integrates a pronounced belly for slicing work and a strong trip for heavy-duty piercing work.

Our main complaint about the TAC FORCE Spring Assisted Opening model is the fact that its blade doesn't always fold all the way to the end, which could cause some damage to other items that you're carrying in your pocket - to your smartphone, for example.
Clip Point: The clip point is another very popular design where the spine of the blade comes out from the handle in a flat line until a certain section, usually halfway or perhaps a little more than half, where the blade is essentially clipped out in the same shape a fingernail cutter cuts your nails.

Well, they're all pretty close in blade length with the Delica 4 being the shortest by a hair and they all come in a very similar form factor, however, the steel used for the blades are all different, making a significant difference in their performance and the jobs they handle well.
Spyderco decided on a ball bearing lock for the Manix 2 which leads to a super solid lock-up - that blade won't be going anywhere when opened up. The handle uses Spyderco's textured G-10 material and the overall ergonomics are supremely tuned for optimum control.
It also features a molded nylon mesh handle that provides excellent grip, dual thumb studs and a compact closed length of just 5”. It's the type of EDC knife that skirts the line between utility and survival gear and the overall build quality is such you may be passing this one down to your son someday.

Of pocket clips and blade finish, Ostroff opined, Pocket clips are vital on a folder, and tip-up is the only way to go as long as the knifemaker ensures that the detent is strong.” Stark said deep-carry pocket clips” that hold the knife significantly lower in the pocket are a strong selling point.
You should ask yourself what would you like to use your pocket knife for, and what do you want it to do. Even though most of the modern EDC knives can do almost anything, you should know that some certain models are better suited for some particular jobs.
Where the knife is almost an afterthought on most multi-tools out there, the FREE K4X features a blade-centric design that incorporates a full-size 3.3" locking blade with a useful wharncliffe shape that's great for everyday utility cutting and slicing tasks.

Multi-tool knives are the most versatile pocket knives you can carry with you everywhere you go. The great thing about these types of knives is the fact that they not only include a blade, but also other useful tools you may need in your everyday life.
Commonly these materials are attached to the outside of stainless steel handle slabs called liners. The straight edge of this folding knife gives you the ability to bear down a bit harder on cutting tasks than you can with some other EDC knives (but if you do, be careful since this is not a full tang blade).

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