London Sash Window Repairs

In today's modern age we mostly live in a "throw away" society where the cost of repairs tends to far exceed the cost of replacement. That said if you've got lead paint you need to don't remove it because it's an incredibly good protective layer on your sash windows, instead seal it in with another coat of paint and then you won't have any issues of the lead causing you any harm at all whatsoever.
If you have a sash that's not really a problem, because most sash window repair specialists will be able to just simply remove that sash and install Sash Windows London a new sash that's manufactured like for like, that will leave your home looking exactly as it was before but with the sash window structurally good.
Timber has always been a good insulator, and is a strong material, which can be repaired easily - if the needs be. At Sash Windows and Doors, we aim to keep with the traditional values of the design and build of period timber sash windows and doors, and do not seek to make changes to the original style.

The Mortice & Green Sash window repair & replacement service comprises of a small team of highly motivated professionally trained restorative joiners - Providing top quality repairs and manufacturing the best reproduction Oak sash windows all at the best possible price.

We are conservationists and always have been, so please before considering other quotes that have deemed your windows beyond economic repair, contact us and feel free to challenge London Sash Window Repairs Ltd to bring your tired windows back to life.
You might consider that you want to have double glazing because you need to reduce the noise, and that's a separate issue but as far as actually just getting your window up to a structural sound condition and being able to pass a survey for example sash window repair is absolutely fine.

We also provide a decoration service to compliment re-instate, draught proofing and repairs, but always offer homeowners the opportunity to do so for themselves as it represents a significant saving, with the only requirement to decorate being, patience, and hard work.
Henry's team made the replacement of my sashes totally painless.A fitter visited to assess the job within 24 hours of my request, and I received a competitive quote the same day.(it took two weeks to get a visit and quote from another company and that was 50% more expensive!) Communication was perfect throughout.

The sash window is popular due to the fact that it can be replaced from inside without the need for scaffolding and also the fact that wooden windows (sash & casement windows and even wooden doors) can easily be repaired when required by qualified sash window specialists such as Mortice & Green.
To protect and prolong the life of our double-glazed units we have designed a unique drained and vented rebate glazing system to prevent premature failure of glazing unit seals by allowing any trapped moisture to drain through small, concealed drainage holes.

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