Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro by Nano Shine are a range of advanced protective coatings for Automotive Paint, Fabric, Leather, Glass and Plastic surfaces that are applied by our exclusive network of Approved Applicators Australia Wide. If you let that stains dry on the floor, they are not only become more difficult to clean but also they will attract far more dirt to the floor before you finally get it cleaned up. Fortunately that ceramic tile floor is probably only one material that allows you to be able to sweep and mop as many time as you want without worry about harming the tile surface, so it is a good opportunity to clean it often.
The Exhaust Shop was opened five years ago by Craig Cartwright to provide exemplary service to customers in and around Canberra who required a one stop shop for their best car detail near me exhaust needs. Ceramic coated vehicles can be washed with water only. Next, you need to protect your long term ceramic coating with a shorter term top coat”.

You are creating an illusion for other people this is way how to do it, you said A, but you didn't say B and C and D (on purpose or lack of knowledge) on so on and at the end the people when they follow the 2 bucket method find out their cars are showing scratches after some time.
As an example, my Polo last year (two coats of Ceramic Pro) had a replacement windscreen and the mere wiping process of the technician's rags on the surrounding paintwork was enough to scratch it to the point where there was no point trying to remove the scratches as I would not have been left with sufficient clear coat left to make such a correction "safe".
Vonsternberk should have mentioned it if he has experience.I personally do not use either Opticoat or ceramic pro and not affiliated with either but I just don't see the point in bagging both products because they are both good, definitely not rubbish.

Cleaning time and frequency are dramatically reduced so you can focus on the important things you want to do. EnduroShield protects against staining and etching and can be used for a variety of applications from the smallest bathrooms to the largest architectural installations.
Ceramic Pro features a slick hydrophobic effect, meaning any dirt and grime on your vehicle is easily released. Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface to provide a permanent protective bond. Oh and FYI learn how to do a 2 bucket wash on your car otherwise no matter what paint protection you end up with on your car, you will ruin it if you don't wash it properly.

Offering the ultimate in protection, gloss, scratch resistance and durability, Body Armour 9H takes the permanent paint protection concept to the next level. Ceramic car coating keeps the vehicle cleaner and shinier for longer. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Nano-Ceramic Paint Protection that forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work protecting it permanently from environmental fall out.
A properly treated vehicle exhibits a high degree of self-cleaning abilities. Most people who research and hear from pros in the industry will tell them that if they do not have access to hp then most the time a 2 or 3 bucket wash is the way to go. You need to have proof that you washed the vehicle correctly and as often as they recommend.
Is a guaranteed protection for your paintwork which protects and adds value to your car. A lot of our detailing work comes from people who have had a panel beater ruin their cars in their attempts to "detail" them. It is thicker, stronger and many times more scratch resistant than any of the inferior products sold at car dealerships.

HPC is proudly Australian owned and specialise in high performance ceramic coatings. Canberra, with its extreme weather variances was screaming out for a professional mobile detailer to supply the ever increasing demand from both paint protection film the residential and commercial market.
Some of these include car detailing, car window tinting, and car ceramic coating in Canberra. Polish and wax aren't necessary every time but will keep the car in good condition if done properly. Tourmaline is a coating added to plates to improve styling. We also practise what we preach and offer professional car detailing at our locations, so we're happy to provide you with expert advice, help and support.

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